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Lightfoot halfling
Lightfoot halfling1
  • Natural humanoid
  • Prime Material Plane
  • Various
  • Toril
  • Common
  • Halfling (Formerly)

Lightfoot halflings are the most common type of halflings seen in the world, in large part due to their famous wanderlust, which sets them apart from the relatively sedentary ghostwise and strongheart halflings. Lightfoots are most comfortable living alongside other cultures, even adopting their cultural practices, right down to their deities.



A typical lightfoot halfling stands around four feet tall and weighs around 80 pounds. Their skin colors range from light pink to slightly reddish or bronze, and their hair color is typically auburn, brown or black. Males usually wear their hair short on the sides, often with a mullet or bowl cut. Facial hair among males is rare except for extremely old halflings. Females rarely allow their hair to grow beyond shoulder length. When not adventuring or entertaining others, halflings prefer simple, well-made clothes that are comfortable to wear yet look attractive.


The impression a lightfoot halfling always tries to project is that of a mirthful, friendly individual who is always interested in making new friends. Sometimes this light-hearted attitude is genuine, but other times it is facade to lull people into a false sense of security so that they might reveal secrets that will benefit the halfling. Halflings are extremely social towards their own kind and tend to form neighborhoods within cities they inhabit, both for companionship and for mutual protection. While not exactly greedy, halflings do enjoy wealth and respect the power and pleasures that it can bring. However they are careful not to let greed compromise themselves or their society. In addition to information gathering many halflings become collectors of different objects, ranging from mundane items like books or weapons to more exotic interests such as artifacts and other ancient secrets.


Lightfoots are by nature wanderers and so can rarely be found tied down to one place for very long. Typically, lightfoot halfling clans move from one area to another rapidly, staying in one place rarely more than a year or two. There are exception to this rule, however, and in spite of their curiosity and adventurousness some halflings were drawn to their ancestral homeland of Luiren before its destruction. Others merely settled more permanently in some foreign land, usually human. Still, it cannot truly be said that lightfoot halflings have any land of their own; instead, they call the whole world their home.